Monday, February 1, 2016

Never Can Say Goodbye

I’ve been working on articulating my love of and feelings for New York. I’ve come a long way since my night of cry cycling. On Saturday, one of my favorite New York friends, Charles, took me to the Hasidic part of Williamsburg, to visit an artist’s open studio. We happened to be there on the Jewish Sabbath, and as I passed men walking the streets in their shtreimels with birds chirping in the background even though it’s only January (it sounds dorky, but there were literally chirping birds) and passing restaurants with signs in Hebrew and thinking about the Nat Geo articles I read about Brooklyn Jews while in high school and how much I’ve always wanted to come and live and teach in New York and now I’m actually doing it, even though it’s not at all how I expected it to be, I was overcome with a feeling that my life is really the best one there is and that the events in my life led me to this point, and I’m grateful that it’s not any other way. That feeling lasted throughout the rest of the day - on the train back to Manhattan, wandering Union Square stores with Charles, designing wall paper at Cooper Hewitt Museum, and laughing way too hysterically at napkins in the gift shop that listed things you shouldn't talk about (ie: think of all the boring conversations you bring up all the time - like new iPhone apps.) The feeling continued while I ate a pork belly and kimchi and fried egg grilled cheese at Earl's Beer and Cheese and walked home alone up Lexington Avenue, stopping at new neighbor (!!) and dear friend, Brigham's apartment, where I stuffed his new pillows into too-small pillowcases and Brigham said, "I remember being a boy scout, and I would just have hot tears of frustration trying to get the sleeping bag stuffed into its case."

New York is endless exploring. I always think, “Where does one go after New York?” I have everything (besides mountains and family) here that I could ever want. I love New Yorkers; I love the diversity that is New York. I love teaching students from all five boroughs, and who represent so many ethnicities. I love that there is no blaring popularity at my school and that the students are kind to each other and encouraging of each other.

Charles secretly took this picture of me while I was drawing wallpaper at Cooper Hewitt and I super love it. This is how I feel like I look, you know? I just look so happy and I love that I look pregnant from my lumpy sweater.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Team Vicky

Vicky loves to try and get me to mimic statues' poses while at art museums. Sometimes I'll try really hard to make myself do it, but always get too uncomfortable and embarrassed. The main way you can tell this is to look at my hands because I hold them so awkwardly when I'm self-conscious. I think that's what Vicky means when she says I have "chipmunk hands."

Also, this is Vicky trying to convince me and Bruce to finish eating that doughnut. She ultimately finished it because she can't let food go to waste. Also, note her free t-shirt. Someday I'll write about all the things Vicky has done to get a free t-shirt. Team Vicky forever.

Sister Wives

Happy to have Steve and Ariel as my sister wives and best friends in New York City and the world. 

Some nice friends on my 27th birthday

Back row: Landon Jones, Allison Sligting Mays, Vicky Chen, me (holding Livy Jones), Emily Brown, Christopher Bennion, cousin Daniel Barnes (holding baby Farrah). Middle row: Kimi Jones (holding baby Stella), cousin Kayla (holding Meena). Front row: Lars Christensen, Trevor Christensen, Tanner Williams, James Talbot.
Earlier that day, Vicky and I jumped off a bridge into the Provo River. Vicky was wearing her Hawaiian "little boy" swimsuit and it took us about an hour to finally jump in after sitting on the edge. Later that night, Vicky, Kimi and I went skinny dipping. Kimi and Vicky's first time. I'm the proudest that I FINALLY convinced Vicky to skinny dip. It's been a goal of mine since like 2013.