Friday, March 20, 2009

West Yellowstone

About a month ago, my family and I went to West Yellowstone for a little family vacation over the long weekend. Even Kai wanted to come because he wasn’t sure when he’ll be able to go on a family vacation again. Precious. Mostly this was impressive because on our last family trip, (to Denver over Thanksgiving), Finn remarked, “The only thing I hate about road trips is being squished a car with lots of people.” To which Kai responded, “The only thing I hate about road trips is being squished in a car with tons of people I don’t even like.” We probably should have been offended, but we all started laughing … because we know Kai truly loves us. Anyways, we were going to Idaho specifically because my dad and the little boys wanted to go to dog sledding races … except my dad messed up the dates and so the dog sledding races weren’t even going on that weekend. So, we just went to West Yellowstone. It was my first time going to Yellowstone. I thought the little town was cute and quaint.

We ate out at mostly delish restaurants, spent time at the Stagecoach Inn’s deluxe hot tubs (on one occasion, there was definitely an older woman soaking in a white sports bra – it made me slightly nervous for her), went cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and watched quite a bit of cable T.V. (Oh, being deprived of cable T.V. our whole lives…)

While skiing, I got stuck at the very tail end with Lars because I’m pretty much the only one nice enough to wait a mile beyond everyone with him. Also, I may have accidentally said a curse word in front of Lars… don’t judge. We had to take off our skis to trek up this huge hill, and as soon as we got to the top, Lars dropped a ski and I had to go all the way back down the hill to retrieve it. I was a little chapped and made my dad be on Lars duty after that.

Also, being practically the only girl in the family, I’m always getting so much crap about being a pansy for getting cold easily, and for wanting to watch “Little Women” instead of “Star Wars”. I am mocked if I don’t risk my life cliff jumping, and ridiculed when I cry about sentimental experiences, etc. But I just want to say that after cross-country skiing one loop, (which was also my first time since I was like 8), my dad, Finnie, and I were the only ones who stayed to complete another huge loop, while Niels, Kai, and Lars headed back to the cable T.V.

One of the funniest moments of the trip was while we were driving home. Finn got this random sheet in China and he absolutely loves it, for some reason. Kai, who loves to wreak havoc between the siblings decided it would be funny to hold his sheet out the window and pretend to let go. We were all cracking up and Finn was yelling. It doesn't sound funny at all writing it, but for some reason, (maybe because we were all bored and squished), it was really funny.


This is what I had to sleep next to one night. And to think there was a time when I desperately wished for a sister...

I believe this was taken right after Kai was holding Finn's sheet out of the window. Sometimes I think he is the funniest member of my family.

I love my China earmuffs...

Natalie, Finn, and Kai

Niels, Finnie, and Natalie

The glamorous Stage Coach Inn. (pic taken by Matt Christensen)

Cutie little town. The Faj Mahal (Matthew Christensen) took this picture.