Sunday, August 30, 2009


We just went on a little week-end trip to Bobbili, which is about a 3-hour drive from Visak. We met 2 Maharaja's - not as cool as it sounds. I actually brought my nice camera, so I could practice taking better pictures, (Trevor, are you impressed?), but when I whipped it out, it was completely dead. Then my normal camera died after like 1 hour. So, unfortunately, I didn't get very many pictures. And, I got to lug around 2 cameras that didn't even work. Lame. Also, we had lots of vague explanations about what things were/where we even were, so this won't be a very informative blog. Sars.

Buddhist ruins:

John and I - wearing my traditional Indian clothing, minus the scarf part, which "Midnight's Children," by Salmon Rushdie says shows a woman without her virtue. Whoops. I added ruffles to the sleeves, which makes it a little hotter, but fashion before function, right? Also, Aladdin pants = so comfortable:

Me wearing the scarf. They don't really wear them like this, (usually they're worn around the neck - can you imagine wearing a scarf around your neck when it's flaming hot outside?? neither can I), except sometimes when it gets super hot our translator does, so I figure I can if she can. And a beautiful brown river!

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  1. Natalie, you look ADORABLE in your traditional Indian clothes! Love them! ...and you:)