Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Day Trip: Bhiminipatnam

Bhiminipatnam is an old Dutch colony, close to Visakhapatnam. We spent the afternoon there on Monday.

Old Buddhist ruins:

Beach view:

This is an old cemetery in the town:

(I love when signs can do the explaining for me...)

The beach in Bhiminipatnam is beautiful! And, we got to witness the coolest thing – so, in India, they just finished celebrating a holiday worshipping the deity, Ganesh, which looks like an elephant with multiple arms. Everyone buys Ganesh statues and stores them in their house for about 9 days, and set out food before the statue as part of the pooja, or worship. (Yay for ants and fruit flies, as a result of food left out for over a week.) A few days before this holiday began, streets vendors everywhere sold little Ganesh statues in all colors. They would even make them on the side of the road, hurriedly shoving clay into these Ganesh molds, and sometimes selling them before they were even dry. On the eve of the last day of celebration, they bring their Ganesh statues to the ocean and drop him in as an offering. There are also some really big Ganesh statues around the city, but we didn’t get to witness anybody actually throwing their Ganesh into the ocean. But, when we arrived in Bhiminipatnam, a truck drove up with a huge Ganesh in the back, and a huge group of people carried him to the water. We didn’t actually get to see him get thrown in, but it was cool to witness the people take him down to the shore, along with a plate of food for pooja.

A Catholic tower:

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