Friday, September 18, 2009

Fish Market

The other day I went to the fish market. The fish market is held every day at the harbor by Dolphin nose, which is the natural harbor in Vizag. Because Vizag is on the coast, fishing is a big deal and many men fish for their livelihood. Usually the women/their wives sell the fish at the market. Basically everyone in the Jalari-Peta (which is the place I am doing a big bulk of my research) is of a fishing caste.

The market stunk – like fish, obviously. Or according to my roommate, “fish, trash, dirt, people, poo, sweat, spices… India.” That is pretty much what India smells like.

The market was loud, crazy, bustling, colorful, and dirty. (Thank you chunky chaco’s for keeping my feet elevated and away from the sloshy, muddy, stank, fishy water that covered the ground.)

I took a million pictures… sorry for posting so many.

Notice how many people look, wave, smile, or pose when I take a picture. It’s nearly impossibly to get candid photos here.

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  1. Oh Nad, love it. Your list of India smells reminds me of when my friend and I took a bus from Spain to Portugal and there were so many weird smells that we kept a log. For example: 10:42am: Sweaty yeast. I am glad you're having fun!!!