Thursday, September 10, 2009

A pulley, beautiful nights, and spastic school children

Meghan made a pulley in our house, because we have A LOT of stairs (3 steep, slippery flights). Sometimes it's pointless, because we usually all congregate to the same place, anyway. But, it has come in useful once thus far. So far, promising.

Also, it's hot.

So, we've been sleeping on the balcony/roof. Every night, unless it rains. I cannot even begin to say how delightful it is. It has made me love my life and India 60 times more. The only downfalls are: sometimes our leery neighbor lurks on his porch. But we wear fully covering house dresses, so it's not TOO creepy. And, our night guard blows his whistle A LOT, which is loud. And there are LOUD packs of mangy dogs that get in huge dog fights, or something. in the middle of the night. Anyway, love sleeping outside. Here are some evening views from the balc:

Today, while walking to the Jalari-Peta, we passed a group of students. No big deal. They were waving at us and saying hi, so we waved and said hi back. That ounce of attention was enough to make the kids hoard around us, somehow multiply, and follow us pretty much all the way to where we were going. Once I brought my camera out, they went crazy spastic. Kristin tried to run ahead with the camera to catch a picture of them walking and they all started running after her. They were precious, loud, and spastic.

And here are some Jalari-Peta update pictures (the Jalari-Peta is a fishing community, and all the people are Jalari caste, which is a fishing caste - hence the fish in the pictures):

Check out the awesome grandma on the right-hand side:

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