Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Retirement Party....and Jack Nicholson

I went to a retirement party for the husband of a well-established, intense woman, who is a contact of my friend here. Basically, I didn’t know the man at all, but had a semi-personal invitation to the party. We took autos, (which are sort of like cheap-o, go-cart taxis, pictured below), instructing them to take us to the YMCA hotel. They dropped us off at a construction site. The drivers assured us they had taken us to the right place and that there is only one YMCA in town. Sure enough, when we walked around the other side of the building, the retirement party was being hosted in the building still under construction. Not sketchy at all. It was actually cool and I liked the way it looked. Also, smart idea, because then there was plenty of air-flow from outside, which definitely came in useful, thanks to the four-hour-long program, which was BOR-ING, (as Homer J. says), and all in Telugu. They did play a long slideshow of the man’s life, with only one song going on repeat. I don’t know what the song was, but I do know that some of the lyrics were, “Sing out a love song for Jesus.” Over and over and over again. My friend, Dan, and I made a long list of “things we like,” played hangman, and contributed to the list of delicious food John and Kristin were making. Dinner was served at the party, but not until 11 pm. Indians eat super late; something I’m still trying to get used to. The food was delicious and SPICY, though, so it was mostly worth the 4-hour long program. (Also, towards the end of the night I noticed some possibly homeless people sleeping there.)


Retirement Party pictures:

Speaking of delicious and spicy food: one of our cooks quit, so they hired a new one. She makes the most divine food I’ve ever eaten and it’s actually SPICY. Also, she looks like an Indian version of the actress, Juliette Binoche in “Dan In Real Life.” I’ll try to take a picture of her so you can agree.

AND! Speaking of normal people looking like celebrities…don’t I look like Jack Nicholson in this picture?!

How does that even happen?! (I almost erased this picture, because it’s so embarrassing, but luckily noticed the resemblance just in time. I seriously look like him. But whatever, I’m at my least attractive and glamorous here, anyway. Ps, Niels, I’ve gotten so good at not saying “anyways” – you should be proud.)

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