Sunday, September 13, 2009

Serious Street Cred

One of my roommates, Madeliene, and I got called as young women leaders/teachers in the branch here. On Saturday, we went to a mutual activity. It was supposed to start at 3, but we purposefully didn’t get there until 3:45, at which point the activity still hadn’t started – we knew it would start about an hour late, per usual according to Indian time. So it was a combined young men/young women activity, but tons of random people from the ward were there. We had a few “short” talks by, oh, the primary president, the relief society president, and this sweet man named Brother Manuel. Aka mini ward party. Anyway, afterwards, they played Simon Says. They all thought the game was a riot and were super enthusiastic about it. The boy leading it was showing them how to play, so he was like, "Okay, Simon Says touch you nose." (everyone touches nose) "Okay touch your head!" (everyone touches head) "NOOO!! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH YOUR HEAD!!" (lots of yelling and laughing.)

So then they had a literal scripture hunt. The game was so confusing to me – they had clues on papers that you went to pick up from one person, and then you would find the scripture, and then the scriptural would literally connect to something in the room. So, if it were a scripture about music, you would run to the piano and find the post-it note clue stuck the piano. Got it? Well, it was somehow super confusing to everyone and not just me, and within about 5 minutes, it was total chaos and mayhem as everyone was running around the room. So Simon-says-in-charge-of-the-activity-boy was shouting orders and trying to get everyone back and track, but finally just (nicely and shrilly) yelled, “Okay! Is it okay if we just start over? We will start all over, okay? EVERYONE SIT BACK DOWN – WE WILL JUST PUT ALL THE POST-IT NOTES BACK AND START ALL OVER!!”

It was so funny to me. I seriously love Indian people so, so much. I especially love anything related to church in India.

After the activity, Madeliene and I waited at a bus station, but our bus wasn’t coming, so we decided to just walk ahead to another station. It was during rush hour, and we were at a bustling, congested intersection. As we were crossing this intersection, we saw the bus we needed to take, but we weren’t at a bus station and the bus was moving through the stop-and-go traffic. We quickly decided to try jumping on anyway. Because of where the bus was on the street, we had to run ahead, opposite of traffic – dodging autos and motorbikes, and then curve around so we were running with traffic. We jumped on the jam-packed bus, and had standing room only, right against the wide open door. (I know, I'm sooo hardcore.) I almost risked my life negotiating my huge camera out of my bag to document this experience.

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  1. Natalie,
    I found your blog through my husband, who found it through your dad. Hope you don't mind my lurking here. Sounds like you are having some hilarious and interesting times there in India, and I am jealous. Maybe I'll go play a round of Simon Says with the kids right now...