Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flapjack Friday & Seaside Saturday

My dear friend, Meghan McGrath, does this thing called Flapjack Friday. She makes divine pancakes, wears lumberjack-esque flannel, and listens to folk songs from Appalachia. Luckily for us, she extended the tradition to India. She made 2 kinds: oatmeal-almond-rose pancakes and orange with dark chocolate shavings. So good.

{Meghan aka Domestic Goddess}

And, we finally went to the beach - to swim. I'm embarrassed that I live on the coast and haven't gone sooner. But, in my defense, all the beaches close to us are crowded and dirty, and anytime we ask people about beaches we could swim at, people just tell us not to swim and that all the beaches are "very inhospitable."

Saturday morning, Kristin, our new and awesome translator, Anita, (who constantly tells me I am "voluptuous and funny"), and I went on a 3-to-a-person scooter ride (total turtle style) along the coast. After that, Kristin and I were determined to go to the beach. We went home, ate lunch, and then took an auto out far enough to a beach where there were hardly any people and no trash! We spent the most delightful afternoon swimming, reading, and looking for seashells. It was so divine, minus my 2 wardrobe malfunctions (super panicky! I would love to ask me later - I don't want to record the stories on my blog...) and the rocky ocean floor. Next time, I'll just wear my chacos, nbd. {Ps: rocky ocean floor + wardrobe malfunctions = extra funny.}

{I like these pictures because we are all bright white and we look naked.}

{Walking back on Beach Road.}

*All photos courtesy of Meghan McGrath's camera.

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