Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Godavari Part II

As promised - more on my LONG boat trip.

Lova (one of our precious cooks) came with us! She torments John to no end and it kills me!

Do you see her yanking his hair? Do you see baby John clutching onto Veerraju (who is one of my favorite people in India, by the way.):

And sometimes Lova pretends to be Yogi and I try to make her laugh. She was pretty good though.

We made 3 10 to 15 minute stops in the 15 hours we were on the boat. At each stop was a temple. And don't worry, we all took naps on this stained red mat on top of corrugated steel. Oh, and after eating breakfast and lunch on the boat, Veerraju informed me that he had inspected the kitchen, and asked what water they were using. They said, "Oh, our water has been through a sophisticated filter." After further inspection, they told Veerraju that the water from the Godavari River (aka the river that doubles as a bathroom) flows to the engine, cools the engine, which makes the water boil, and then is put into our food. I might die while I'm here.

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  1. Hey I know that John kid. He was friends with my friend Laura and we had Archaeology together. I wish I was in India with you!