Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News Casters and Hoverers

A few humorous things have happened lately.

1. So, yesterday evening Kristin and I ran into our Telugu teacher, Mallayavasini, and she informed us that the next morning at Telugu, there would be a news crew there to film and interview us during our Telugu class. She assured us it was for an English channel, and that we wouldn’t have to speak in Telugu or sing. (Because we always have to sing for people here.) Nope, none of that was true. She definitely threw us to the lions, as Meghan said.

Here’s what transpired:

- News crew wanted us to sing a song for them. Mallayavasini wanted us to sing this song that we don’t have memorized – aka whenever we sing this particular song in class, she sings a line and then we repeat after her. So after bumbling awkwardness, we asked if we could sing this other song (oh, just Telugu devotional sung poetry) we knew better. So we sing this one song we all know well. Then the news crew wanted us to each sing a line or two by ourselves! So embarrassing. Seriously, few things make me as uncomfortable as when I have to sing in front of other people. Oh, and remember how I barely even know Telugu? And maybe I just ended up giggling uncontrollably and nervously every time I opened my mouth to sing, so I totally got off the hook for my “shyness.” But still one of my most embarrassing moments, for sure. Oh, and then when I was unable to sing, they told me to conjugate a verb and I was like, “No! I’ll sing; I’ll sing!” Which was a pointless plea, because we all had to conjugate a verb in a million different forms anyway. Stressful.
- The news crew asked to see Meghan’s Telugu notebook, and she frantically tried to find a page that didn’t have little pictures drawn or English notes all over it. {Like that one time Mallayavasini was checking my homework, and she accidentally flipped to the page where I had taken the whole page to write, “I AM SO ITCHY*!!!” *from mosquito bites. Yep, that’s what I concentrate on during Telugu – just kidding, guys/Father.} Then the newscaster made Meghan read a page out of her notebook.
- Had to write our names and a word or sentence on the board.
- Had to go around the room and tell them what we ate for breakfast.
- Interviewed Suzanne in Telugu. Maybe she accidentally slipped into French, and then just switched to English.
- The news crew asked Madeleine what she is studying, so she tells them, “My project is art and the evolution of Andhra art.” Then Mallayavasini calls out, “Telugu, chapundi!” (Which means tell me in Telugu!) So Madeleine says, “Na {“na” means “my” Telugu} project … is art… and the evolution of Andhra art.” Thank you, Madeleine, for changing one word into Telugu. So rich.
- All in all, the news casters were so aggressive and it was embarrassing.

2. Yesterday some friends and I went shopping at this one store downtown to get presents for friends. The salespeople there are so over-bearing and huge hoverers (and anyone who knows me knows how anxious hoverers make me – they are almost as bad as back-huggers). So this one girl who works there is probably 17 years old or so, and she always remembers my name which makes me feel kind of bad because I feel like its harder to get her off me. Well, she kept following Courtney and I around and it was so irritating because she kept trying to show us things while we were looking at stuff. As we were looking through pillowcases, she kept trying to point out different pillowcases or just stick her arm in and “show” us the ones we were already looking at. We kept saying “uh-huh” and “it’s okay; we can do it ourselves” and Courtney even tried to kind of block her out of the way. Then when we got her off us, she just stood by saying the pillowcase colors as we rifled through them, “blue ….red….green.” I started laughing and could not stop because it was so ridiculous and I was so irritated. The kicker though was that she kept calling Courtney “cute baby.” And Courtney even told her that her name was Courtney, and she just said, “No, cute baby is better.” And then when Courtney and Madeleine were looking at scarves, the sales women kept telling them that the scarves were, ”tasty” and that they had made a “tasty selection.”

3. One last little funny story: the other day, I was getting ready to leave my house and right as I was going to leave, the door started to open and I assumed it was Kristin getting home, and so I waited right by the door like a 4-year-old and yelled, “Raa!” when she walked in. Except, nope, it wasn’t Kristin, it was our little old cleaning lady – gave her a heart attack. Thankfully she was laughing, but she also kept clutching her heart and tsk-ing me. And she speaks zero English so she probably hates me now. I felt like such an idiot.

It has become increasingly apparent to me that I abnormally laugh/giggle about everything. Anytime I get nervous, frustrated, irritated, embarrassed, etc, all I can do is giggle uncontrollably. It’s so 11-years-old and immature. I do not know what my problem is.

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