Sunday, October 18, 2009

So Much Hot

So, I was in Rajahmundry for a few days. It’s a city that’s about a 4 hour train ride from Vizag. How’s that for a geography lesson? I really liked Rajahmundry – I think it is a really good representation of how I pictured India to be – really crowded, spice and pigments sold on the streets, lots of cows in the street, smelled divine like spices and flowers, etc.

This is what I did:

a. We went to a sweet shop that sold sweets as big as my head called "kaja." And got to see how they make the sweets. The process included men rolling out dough with their flour-dusted legs (and probably sweat) in extremely close proximity to the dough.

b. Went to the Artos (a soda company) factory. The original Artos tastes like a mix of bubble gum and cream soda. Krishnayya is from Rajahmundry and he loved showing us his “local hangouts.” At one point a glass bottle exploded, and the worker calmly said, "No problem," which is what Indians say to anything problematic or worrisome.

c. Ate at sketchy restaurants. They were all really dark, and we went to this one roadside restaurant – they took us upstairs to a completely concrete and dark room, with one big table and laundry hanging up all over the room. Also ate delish street food. I had to take this picture, because the man making our food took a break to hike his shirt up:

d. Drove like 2 hours (totally beautiful drive past rice paddies, but hot and squishy in the car) to the Bay of Bengal (which we live on anyway). Arrived there when it was dark, piled out of the car and couldn’t see any water. We started walking across the sand towards where we thought the ocean was, but Krishnayya got a little nervous and started yelling, “Don’t walk over there! There are foxes and snakes!!” Then we piled back in the car, drove 3 more minutes and made it to the ocean. Pitch black. So, basically, pointless. But, the drive was worth it.

e. Saw stone sculptures being made.

f. Precious children playing in the gutter. After taking their picture, they crowded around us and started following us. I think Daniel might have been a little chapped, since prior to this, a beggar practically chased us, clutched on his leg, and didn’t let go for like 5 minutes.

g. Went to some random doctor’s house. Krishnayya encouraged us to ask questions, and so Courtney asked, “What does the medicine look like?” Krishnayya responded, “Ohhh, that is a very bad question. You cannot ask that.”

h. Krishnayya telling us about some random author – “I hate him from my guts!”

i. Celebrated Lova’s 16th Birthday!

j. Went to temples, per usual.

k. Saw this dreamboat, who reminded me of my cousins Kayla and Kjirsten, for some reason:

ps, i might post more photos to this blog, because they are loading so slow right now. On second thought, I probably won't, because I will probably never feel like it.

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