Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Late Halloween and LARS is NINE!

Halloween was so delightful! We had a little Halloween party so we could invite our neighbors and show them what Halloween is all about. I'm so glad we got to do this, because our neighbors have invited us over for different things, including Diwali celebrations, so it was nice to show them something about American culture.

We tried to do lots of typical, traditional things. Like doughnut on a string...

Anitha {our new translator/one of my very favorite Indian people} cheats and tries to use her hands. Courtney kept getting bumped out of the way with Madeleine and Anitha's hips:

My precious neighbor friend, Hyman (sp?). He was kind of nervous to be at the party. Maybe you can tell by his face:

And even this gem of a neighbor came! This is significant because he spends ALL his time sitting on his porch, wearing a lungee and no shirt. A lungee is basically like a wrap skirt/sarong. And, yes, he was still wearing his lungee at our party. {And maybe he's running a potentially illegal hostel out of his flat. Super funny.}

Bobbing for apples {when I told Lars that we bobbed for apples, he was like, "Ew." And I was like, "What?" And Lars said, "That's just gross, because then, after the first kid goes, there's just all these spit and germs in the water." But, still a classic tradition, and I'm pretty sure that's one of the more sanitary activities you can do in India.}

Meghan had a rockin' costume - she was an idly, which is a white dumpling breakfast food. She looked just like one!

A lot of the group {ps, I was Aladdin - I know a super original costume in India}:

Our German friends did a tribal dance for us, and Daniel tried to act like that Indian chief from Peter Pan. I think Daniel is super funny, which is why I like this picture.

And Lars just turned nine on Halloween! I just think he's the cutest nine-year-old in the world. This picture was taken by the Faj Mahal - I have no clue how old Lars is in this picture though. But he is wearing thread-bare hand-me-down boxers {from the brothers} and maybe that's the bathroom door he is peeking under. I started cracking up when I saw this picture:

How can Lars not be the favorite child? He's the only boy who will hug the Faj Mahal without using it as a cover to pinch or punch him.

And I took this picture the day before I left for India and Lars already looks way bigger and older than when I left him. Super sad. {Sorry for the blurriness - you know how taking pictures in a moving car goes.}

Point being, I like Lars a lot and since I didn't get to take pictures of him celebrating his birthday this year, I just posted some old pictures of him. Happy birthday Bardy!

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