Saturday, November 21, 2009

i am so bad at blog titles...

Our cooks and translators wanted to have a photo shoot on the beach. We kind of dragged our feet, but finally made our way over there. And it actually ended up being fun, even though it kind of felt like we were taking roommate pictures. Not that I know how that feels, because I have never done that. And I'm only judging you a little bit if you have.

{of course they wanted poses by the baby}

{kind of cheesy, but also really pretty, right?}

{fishermen casting their nets}


  1. Natalie, you look SO cute in the second to last picture. Super cute.

  2. Natalie -

    Okay, I might be a little creepy, but I was blog-stalking and I found your blog! I hope that's okay :) Anyway, I wanted to say Hi and tell you how jealous I am of what you are doing! What an amazing experience! I love your pictures. Also, say Hello to Courtney for me! I went to Jerusalem with her! So cool, I had no idea she was in India with you. I love that girl. And you too. Have so much fun! Soak it all in while you can :)

    Jen Lee