Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I saw a chicken die.

I saw this poor little chicken die today:

Each week, the Jalari-Peta has a chicken sacrifice as part of their Hindu worship. I witnessed* two chicken sacrifices.
* I didn't really actually watch them kill the chickens, because I don't really like seeing animals get killed, you know? And not to be too graphic, but one of the chickens kept flailing/practically flying after it was decapitated, and could possibly have flailed onto me since I was averting my eyes, but Courtney moved me out of the way in time.

Here is a photo inside the temple:

And, tonight Kristin and I walked to the Jalari-Peta cemetery.

It's a pretty cemetery, yeah? I like how all the tombstones are bright, just like the way they paint their houses.

Except, look how creepy this picture is:

Do you see the real human skull in the corner? Frightening.

This is the Jalari-Peta shore from the distance:

Kristin and I walked home at dusk, when the city looks like this:

Ps, the other day, Kristin and I walked into the Jalari-Peta, and this precious little boy was just staring and laughing at us, like cracking up. He acted like he'd never seen anything more funny than us.

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  1. The Jalari-Peta Shore shot is really good, the boy shot isn't bad ether. Keep it up.