Friday, November 27, 2009

thanksgiving and baby taj {and happy bday finn}

Thanksgiving was good. We were supposed to eat at 2, but you know, per usual, didn't eat until like 5:30. {That was BAD news because we had a dinner appointment at 7 with our Telugu teacher. She was disappointed that we didn't eat more, but seriously I thought I was going to die I was so full. I had to force myself to keep taking bites.} We made a Thanksgiving plate to take to our dear friend, V-Raju, and as I was walking with him and Courtney to take it to his house, I tripped twice... that was after I commented that I want to be a waitress, but was thinking that maybe I'm too clumsy. After that Courtney told me I definitely should not be a waitress.

Dan is so good at vice-gripping {shout out to Niels}

Sometimes I wear this sari, which totally looks like a prom dress. {Realized that after I bought it.} And Courtney is totally bombshell.

And this is our little adopted puppy {Taj} for three days. I already know what the Faj Mahal is going to say - it will include the words "filthy animal," and "diseased."

SOOOO CUTE. {Also kind of annoying.}

Also, Finn - remember when you got the dorkiest gifts for your birthday? They included a GIANT stuffed bright green caterpillar, rescue hero size gloves, and camouflage earmuffs. Just thought I'd remind you.

I miss celebrating family birthday parties and I miss pretty much everything about this picture:

And I had to put this picture on because it's my favorite picture of Finn the whole world. And, love that sheet! Happy birthday, Finnie!


  1. I was kind of surprised when I saw that Allison hadn't commented on the cuteness of the puppy.

  2. Also, prom dress or no, you really do look beautiful in that Sari.

  3. oh my, how are you THE MOST hilarious human ever to walk the planet?!? i love you! can't wait to see you soon!

  4. i sure wish you hadn't cropped yourself out of that picture with Taj. if i am remembering correctly it was quite a gem.