Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Andaman Islands*

*My blog titles continue to be clever and informative!

So, after my program was done in Vizag, Courtney, Megan, Kristin, (aka India besties), and I traveled to the Andaman Islands, Delhi, and Amritsar.

We took a train to Chennai, and then from there, caught a plane to Port Blair, Andaman Islands. When we arrived, we took a ferry to another island, and stayed on the island pretty much the whole time. The day before our flight to Delhi, we ferried back to Port Blair.

We ate tons of delicious food:

Rented scooters and scootered around the island:

{Courtney is not really naked. She looks like she is though, which is awesome.}

{Whatever, I was just really excited to be driving a scooter.}

Scootering resulted in this very minor accident {maybe my leg is still swollen and bruised},

We swam and read on the beach,

{the water is seriously this color.}

{so maybe this swimming suit is really ugly and phrumpy and stretched out - the one day i wore this swimming suit is the day we a. took pictures and b. met hot skinny european girls in bikinis. lame!}

And felt awesome as we backpacked through the jungle:

{we brought snacks to the beach. dogs liked that.}

We stayed at one really nice place {this cute little bungalow right by the beach}

and some really crappy places:

{We found out our bed was infested with ants. So, we bug sprayed/duct taped them into the bed.}

and secretly wanted to stay here:

{do you see the little spaceship pod-hut thing? doesn't it look like the sun is possibly a UFO landing?}

We spent the whole evening walking around Port Blair, looking for internet. Port Blair is cute and quaint.

That night we planned on spending the night in the airport. When we got to the airport at about 8 pm, it was already closed. Courtney sweet-talked the guards and thankfully they let us stay in this little piggy pen in front of the airport. We thought it was funny. And the guards became our new best friends, even though they thought it was weird when Courtney secretly filled our shoes with delicious treats for St. Nicholas Day.

ps: I like this picture because Courtney looks headless and creepy.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas deliciousness

So, I was complaining to one of my good friends, Andy (if he had a blog, I would link his name right over) that all I want every year for Christmas is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in my stocking. Whenever I tell the Faj Mahal this, his response is always: "Those things are filthy and full of hydrogenated oils!" {ps, they're not} or "I always get you peanut butter cups!" {because he gets the peanut butter cups from BYU's candy counter, which are seriously not as delicious as Reese's.} I reiterate that I just want the bright orange cheap-o ones, but really, he refuses to buy them. Dramatic? Yes. But I secretly like that he takes a stand on it, I guess. Anyway, Andy cleverly wrapped a "shoots and ladders" box {trying to psyche me out, because I hate board games} and it was FULL of Reese's Peanut Butter cups. It was really exciting. Lars especially loved it, as you'll see in the following three photos. {Note Lars' progressing excitement in the following three photos - pay special attention to his hands and face in each photo.}

And I'm trying to be better at documenting exciting events, such as Christmas, but my brothers just aren't as into it. For example:

And the Faj Mahal's salmon/clam chowder is so heavenly, even though it looks gross, yellow, and glossy in this pho-to. If Trevor {I would also link over to his blog, but I don't know how...} took the photo, the food would look delicious.

i heart my brothers. they are so cute.

ps, one of my india besties did an awesome little recap. i still need to finish india blogging, but in the meantime, if you are interested, read this:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

favorite lunch buddies

I love lunch with the Schmutz family. It is always funny. And I love when bestie Benson comes, too.

Me and Gayle. {My cheeks will always be chubby.}


Benson and Kent {And yes, Kent is tickling his own chin... Weird? Yes.}

I love taking pictures of Kent. Kent kills me - I laugh at basically EVERYTHING he says. As we were leaving, Gayle was expressing how much fun lunch was and Kent fake-grumbled "Wasted my Wednesday afternoon."

Spicy Thai {on University in Provo} - spicy salmon lychee curry. So, so, so good. {Also the most expensive thing on the menu - I'm classy like that. And I'm being sarcastic, because the Schmutzes paid for me.}

Hot topics of lunch conversation:
- Celia {always}
- Kent is sporting a very homemade "Mr. F." wristband - a little Arrested Development reference. {Except it's for Kent to remember to take his supplements.}
- Illegal Immigration {the liberal standpoint - thank you, Gayle.}

Monday, December 21, 2009


{photo taken in the Andaman Islands}

I love being home, even though I'm a.) sharing a room with Finn and Lars (because of the re-model), b.) not eating very much food because I'm too poor to go out and it's too difficult to eat properly with the re-model going on, and c.) my family (accidentally) buried my underwear drawer in the basement, also because of the re-model. Here are some of the latest events of my life:

1. Finn is huge, has a deep voice, and rocks his Ray-Bans {now Niels and I are total posers with our fake Ray-Bans}.

2. Lars is obsessed with these paper claws:

3. I went to Temple Square to see 2 back-to-back concerts for Niels' school choir. Niels was a little disheveled when he got in the car, and complained that "whoever invented cumberbunds needs to be kicked in the crotch!"

{he looks so nerdy and disheveled, but still cute.}

Cousin Kayla met us in Salt Lake and we ate pizza at the mall. The Faj Mahal was embarrassed to hold the huge pizza box. He tried to pawn it off on us, saying, "I just need to button up my coat really quick!" But none of us would take it.

{Lars really wanted me to hold him. That's why he looks so clingy.}

4. Christensen family annual white elephant christmas party. I forgot my camera. Uncle Kyle made Kjirsten massage my gimpy leg, or as she said "rubbin' the nub." So gross. But Kjirsten is also so funny.

I'm totally going to finish blogging about India - later.