Wednesday, December 23, 2009

favorite lunch buddies

I love lunch with the Schmutz family. It is always funny. And I love when bestie Benson comes, too.

Me and Gayle. {My cheeks will always be chubby.}


Benson and Kent {And yes, Kent is tickling his own chin... Weird? Yes.}

I love taking pictures of Kent. Kent kills me - I laugh at basically EVERYTHING he says. As we were leaving, Gayle was expressing how much fun lunch was and Kent fake-grumbled "Wasted my Wednesday afternoon."

Spicy Thai {on University in Provo} - spicy salmon lychee curry. So, so, so good. {Also the most expensive thing on the menu - I'm classy like that. And I'm being sarcastic, because the Schmutzes paid for me.}

Hot topics of lunch conversation:
- Celia {always}
- Kent is sporting a very homemade "Mr. F." wristband - a little Arrested Development reference. {Except it's for Kent to remember to take his supplements.}
- Illegal Immigration {the liberal standpoint - thank you, Gayle.}

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  1. Does it matter that I think your blog is the funniest thing? I can't tell if it matters.