Monday, December 21, 2009


{photo taken in the Andaman Islands}

I love being home, even though I'm a.) sharing a room with Finn and Lars (because of the re-model), b.) not eating very much food because I'm too poor to go out and it's too difficult to eat properly with the re-model going on, and c.) my family (accidentally) buried my underwear drawer in the basement, also because of the re-model. Here are some of the latest events of my life:

1. Finn is huge, has a deep voice, and rocks his Ray-Bans {now Niels and I are total posers with our fake Ray-Bans}.

2. Lars is obsessed with these paper claws:

3. I went to Temple Square to see 2 back-to-back concerts for Niels' school choir. Niels was a little disheveled when he got in the car, and complained that "whoever invented cumberbunds needs to be kicked in the crotch!"

{he looks so nerdy and disheveled, but still cute.}

Cousin Kayla met us in Salt Lake and we ate pizza at the mall. The Faj Mahal was embarrassed to hold the huge pizza box. He tried to pawn it off on us, saying, "I just need to button up my coat really quick!" But none of us would take it.

{Lars really wanted me to hold him. That's why he looks so clingy.}

4. Christensen family annual white elephant christmas party. I forgot my camera. Uncle Kyle made Kjirsten massage my gimpy leg, or as she said "rubbin' the nub." So gross. But Kjirsten is also so funny.

I'm totally going to finish blogging about India - later.

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