Friday, January 29, 2010

For example...

Most awkward friendship picture you've ever seen? {Ps, Kent is one of my favorite people/Niels best friend/my best friend's little bro, so he's practically like my little brother. But, seriously, why does Niels back-hug pick Kent up?}

And, I don't really remember what Kent is doing here, but guaranteed its something that made me uncomfortable, by the look on my face. Actually, I love this picture - I think it is funny.

And Niels playing shake face/maybe getting punched in the face. (Shout out to Alicia.) I'm allowed to post pictures of him looking like this because he got some of the best genes in the fam.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Niels is a rock star.

Niels is in a band called Red and the Rovers - Niels plays bass (and sometimes sings), his bestie Chris plays guitar and sings, and their other friend Tucker plays drums. I think they are awesome. They played a show at Muse Music the other night.

After the show, the Faj Mahal made some comment about how he saw "girls who were just texting "other guys" the whole time." I was agreeing with him, "yeah that's lame..." and then he was like, "Hello, I was talking about you." (But I wasn't texting any "guys" and I only texted for a moment, and that was only to encourage a couple of people to come see the show. But I do love his assumptions and criticisms concerning my cell phone usage.) Anyway, I loved that my parents/family came - I think it made Finn a little uncomfortable though, as it should.

Actually, Finn is pretty cool. I try to be teen-sensitive when I pick him up from school and etc, because I def don't want to embarrass him. One day when I picked him up from school, I wanted to hug him, but then decided to discreetly ask him if I could give hug him, and he totally hugged me. PS, this is a big deal - he's in middle school. But, really, he's still precious. And, really, this post is supposed to be about Niels, but whatever.

Some of us after his show. Niels and Kent always provide awkward photos. More evidence later.
Isn't Allison's coat so adorable?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

One good thing about living at home is that the Faj Mahal makes delicious and beautiful food.

But then again, I could be living on my own a few minutes away from home, and coming home on a multi-weekly basis to scavenge delicious food. So, same diff, really.

And he called these carrots "cute baby carrots" which I think is funny.

And since I'm talking about delicious food, isn't this picture funny?? (I was eating delicious cake - that's how that relates to this blog entry.)
(Cousins Kayla and Kjirsten and I. And Kayla doesn't have a double chin in real life.)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

photo excursion and my pouchy face

I love Photo Excursions with Trevor. A. He's one of my favorite people and B. He's an awwwesome photographer. And a photo excursions are just excuses to hang out with Trevor and be outside and "practice" using my camera (I'm a poser), which rocks.

A few weeks ago, Trevor and I job searched together (hate more than anything) and had a mini photo excursion. (Mini = we went to a West-side Provo park. Not even judging the West side - I used to live there.) This photo excursion was a few weeks ago, but I thought I'd post a couple of the pictures just for fun, aka I have nothing to blog about/am supposed to be cleaning my room. But, still, always delightful to hang out with Trevor and I like having photos of Provo, anyway {because I love Provo.}

Oh, but first Trevor showed me this creepy gem of a building: It really is creepy, as in X-Files creepy.

And Trevor took the rest of these photos...

(I was cold.)

(And I got colder after tromping through a field of snow in ballet flats.)

(Also this is the face I made after coming out of a store after inquiring about a job. This is how awkward I feel about asking people if they are hiring. Trevor said, "Yeah it's awkward, but it's really not as awkward as your making it." Story of my life. Also, one other note about this picture. The other day I was getting my nails done at a hair school, and was talking to my friend Kimi about whether I should get bangs or not. Her nail person piped in and advised me not to, because I have a "pear-shaped face." Pear-shaped, really? Pear-shaped bodies, fine, but faces? Sounds awkward. But after googling pear-shaped faces, a picture of Jessica Simpson came up, and we all know she is smokin' hot. But then I read this description of what a pear-shaped face is on some ebay wig site thing:

"This shape is characterized by a small or narrow forehead and a rather large pouchy-appearing jawline." That also sounds smokin'.

Ps, a. I got a job and b. I got bangs.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 in 5 billion pictures


{Lived with these awesome girls. Also, I'm not pregnant.}

{Hung out with these awesome people - aka MOA besties.}

{Celebrated Julie Ann's birthday with her family, Benson, Kimi, and Kendra.}

{The Faj Mahal took the favorite child winter camping.}

{Little family trip to Yellowstone. Photo taken by The Faj Mahal.}

{Road trips are always so fun! Kai has beautiful hair - for real.}


{Had to put Sitka down. boo.}

{Caitlin got married to a gem and I still don't have a copy with her on her wedding day. Katrina, Kimi, and I (the roommates) at her wedding luncheon.}


{Got my wisdom teeth out. This is the least embarrassing picture The Faj Mahal took of me, as I'm not drooling blood or bawling on the couch in this picture. Also, apparently a couple days after I got my wisdom teeth out, I went over to my friend's house, wearing grungy sweats, since I was still recovering. But also wearing a blood stained t-shirt - like blood stained from my post wisdom teeth removal drool. Seriously?? I'm so gross and unhygenic sometimes.}

{Went to Moroni for Memorial Day to go to Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Doris' (Christensen) graves.}

{sheep crossing in Moroni = awesome.}

{kayaking with the fam dam}

{Faj getting attacked by the boys.}

{Kimi and I dancing with Julie Ann at the Special Olympics.}

{Went to St. George with the Schmutz family, Benson, Allison, and Niels for Julie Ann's funeral.}

{Hanging out with awesome people in St. George.}

{celebrated Kimi's bday}

{Ate 2 bites of a hamburger to prep myself for eating meat in India... Kent and the brothers were really excited/thought it was funny, so they like 7 awkward pictures of me eating. Also I'm glad Finny is helping me hold the hamburger plate. That was necessary.}

{went to a rodeo}

{The Faj Mahal ran a 50-miler! Impressive? Someone (finn!) almost ruined this picture.}

Took a little Utah road trip. Ultimate destination was Sun Tunnels and we couldn't even find them. boo. But everything else made up for it and I always love getting to hang out with Trevor, Allison, and Kimi.


{I did India stuff...and I miss hanging out with these besties.}

{Lars is obsessed with stuffing his onesies with pillows and blankets... and the fam wrote poetry and song lyrics on the walls of our house before the remodel.}

{The brothers and Faj went camping. Pretty sure I wouldn't have been invited even if i was here...}

{I was bummed to miss backyard bonfires, but India totally made up for it.}

ps, I realize the only photo I posted of Kai was just of his hair... so I just want to say that I really love Kai a lot, even though I didn't really post pictures of him from this year.