Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 in 5 billion pictures


{Lived with these awesome girls. Also, I'm not pregnant.}

{Hung out with these awesome people - aka MOA besties.}

{Celebrated Julie Ann's birthday with her family, Benson, Kimi, and Kendra.}

{The Faj Mahal took the favorite child winter camping.}

{Little family trip to Yellowstone. Photo taken by The Faj Mahal.}

{Road trips are always so fun! Kai has beautiful hair - for real.}


{Had to put Sitka down. boo.}

{Caitlin got married to a gem and I still don't have a copy with her on her wedding day. Katrina, Kimi, and I (the roommates) at her wedding luncheon.}


{Got my wisdom teeth out. This is the least embarrassing picture The Faj Mahal took of me, as I'm not drooling blood or bawling on the couch in this picture. Also, apparently a couple days after I got my wisdom teeth out, I went over to my friend's house, wearing grungy sweats, since I was still recovering. But also wearing a blood stained t-shirt - like blood stained from my post wisdom teeth removal drool. Seriously?? I'm so gross and unhygenic sometimes.}

{Went to Moroni for Memorial Day to go to Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Doris' (Christensen) graves.}

{sheep crossing in Moroni = awesome.}

{kayaking with the fam dam}

{Faj getting attacked by the boys.}

{Kimi and I dancing with Julie Ann at the Special Olympics.}

{Went to St. George with the Schmutz family, Benson, Allison, and Niels for Julie Ann's funeral.}

{Hanging out with awesome people in St. George.}

{celebrated Kimi's bday}

{Ate 2 bites of a hamburger to prep myself for eating meat in India... Kent and the brothers were really excited/thought it was funny, so they like 7 awkward pictures of me eating. Also I'm glad Finny is helping me hold the hamburger plate. That was necessary.}

{went to a rodeo}

{The Faj Mahal ran a 50-miler! Impressive? Someone (finn!) almost ruined this picture.}

Took a little Utah road trip. Ultimate destination was Sun Tunnels and we couldn't even find them. boo. But everything else made up for it and I always love getting to hang out with Trevor, Allison, and Kimi.


{I did India stuff...and I miss hanging out with these besties.}

{Lars is obsessed with stuffing his onesies with pillows and blankets... and the fam wrote poetry and song lyrics on the walls of our house before the remodel.}

{The brothers and Faj went camping. Pretty sure I wouldn't have been invited even if i was here...}

{I was bummed to miss backyard bonfires, but India totally made up for it.}

ps, I realize the only photo I posted of Kai was just of his hair... so I just want to say that I really love Kai a lot, even though I didn't really post pictures of him from this year.


  1. SWEET - i found your blog - Love, love, love it!! Thanks so much for Friday - you really don't know how much I enjoy being around you, you lift my spririts like no other :-). So, how did the FM get his name? Also, what kinds of camera does the FM use - really great pics.


  2. i feel so beyond honored to be in not one but TWO pictures! kai's blood and he only got one and a half.

    wocka wocka wocka.

    oh, nads. love you to bits.

  3. Natalie! haha I found your blog off Nakeets! Nice to know you have one... and I love it! How are you?

  4. You are so cute! I love all of these pictures and I miss you. Let's do something SOON!