Wednesday, January 6, 2010

happy fake bday faj mahal!

The Faj Mahal has the worst birthday ever - Christmas day. We celebrated it about two weeks late.

Seriously my brothers (especially Niels) attack the Faj Mahal non-stop. He loooooves it.

Also, the FM bought this doo-rag for himself. Okay, it's not really a doo-rag, but it looks like one, and Lars thought it was super funny. Well, we all thought it was funny. {Is that even spelled right. I'm too lazy to google search it...}

And the (sometimes pretentious) food-snob Faj Mahal requests this lemon cake (made with a lemon cake mix and a lemon jell-o mix) every year. He technically didn't request it this year, but I went ahead and made it anyway. Actually my mom made it. Same diff.

I thought this picture was cute - Bar was crying. I think FM made him cry somehow.

PS, my favorite present he got was a pair of all-black Chuck Taylors. The Faj Mahal is so stylish.

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  1. Your family is the best.

    p.s. the house looks so cute! I hope to see it in person sometime soon.