Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Niels is a rock star.

Niels is in a band called Red and the Rovers - Niels plays bass (and sometimes sings), his bestie Chris plays guitar and sings, and their other friend Tucker plays drums. I think they are awesome. They played a show at Muse Music the other night.

After the show, the Faj Mahal made some comment about how he saw "girls who were just texting "other guys" the whole time." I was agreeing with him, "yeah that's lame..." and then he was like, "Hello, I was talking about you." (But I wasn't texting any "guys" and I only texted for a moment, and that was only to encourage a couple of people to come see the show. But I do love his assumptions and criticisms concerning my cell phone usage.) Anyway, I loved that my parents/family came - I think it made Finn a little uncomfortable though, as it should.

Actually, Finn is pretty cool. I try to be teen-sensitive when I pick him up from school and etc, because I def don't want to embarrass him. One day when I picked him up from school, I wanted to hug him, but then decided to discreetly ask him if I could give hug him, and he totally hugged me. PS, this is a big deal - he's in middle school. But, really, he's still precious. And, really, this post is supposed to be about Niels, but whatever.

Some of us after his show. Niels and Kent always provide awkward photos. More evidence later.
Isn't Allison's coat so adorable?


  1. hahahaaa! I love how much you love your family and taunt your little brothers all the time.

  2. haha Oh Nad love the little tid bit about Finn! "teen sensitive" best part!