Sunday, January 24, 2010

One good thing about living at home is that the Faj Mahal makes delicious and beautiful food.

But then again, I could be living on my own a few minutes away from home, and coming home on a multi-weekly basis to scavenge delicious food. So, same diff, really.

And he called these carrots "cute baby carrots" which I think is funny.

And since I'm talking about delicious food, isn't this picture funny?? (I was eating delicious cake - that's how that relates to this blog entry.)
(Cousins Kayla and Kjirsten and I. And Kayla doesn't have a double chin in real life.)


  1. Your dad should make a recipe blog so I can partake of that deliciousness! Looks scrumdidlyumptions!

  2. I messed up....scrumdidlyumptious :)

  3. I agree with Nakita-- the Faj needs a food blog ASAP.

  4. I love beautiful food. Could really go for some now. Love you. Good talking for a quick sec last night :)

  5. ew!!!! kayla and i are huge chubbies!!!....i miss that cake...maybe we are chubby in real life!!!!!