Saturday, January 23, 2010

photo excursion and my pouchy face

I love Photo Excursions with Trevor. A. He's one of my favorite people and B. He's an awwwesome photographer. And a photo excursions are just excuses to hang out with Trevor and be outside and "practice" using my camera (I'm a poser), which rocks.

A few weeks ago, Trevor and I job searched together (hate more than anything) and had a mini photo excursion. (Mini = we went to a West-side Provo park. Not even judging the West side - I used to live there.) This photo excursion was a few weeks ago, but I thought I'd post a couple of the pictures just for fun, aka I have nothing to blog about/am supposed to be cleaning my room. But, still, always delightful to hang out with Trevor and I like having photos of Provo, anyway {because I love Provo.}

Oh, but first Trevor showed me this creepy gem of a building: It really is creepy, as in X-Files creepy.

And Trevor took the rest of these photos...

(I was cold.)

(And I got colder after tromping through a field of snow in ballet flats.)

(Also this is the face I made after coming out of a store after inquiring about a job. This is how awkward I feel about asking people if they are hiring. Trevor said, "Yeah it's awkward, but it's really not as awkward as your making it." Story of my life. Also, one other note about this picture. The other day I was getting my nails done at a hair school, and was talking to my friend Kimi about whether I should get bangs or not. Her nail person piped in and advised me not to, because I have a "pear-shaped face." Pear-shaped, really? Pear-shaped bodies, fine, but faces? Sounds awkward. But after googling pear-shaped faces, a picture of Jessica Simpson came up, and we all know she is smokin' hot. But then I read this description of what a pear-shaped face is on some ebay wig site thing:

"This shape is characterized by a small or narrow forehead and a rather large pouchy-appearing jawline." That also sounds smokin'.

Ps, a. I got a job and b. I got bangs.

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