Friday, February 26, 2010

To the place where beef comes free with tire purchases...

I tagged along to Ashton (and Rexburg) Idaho with my family last weekend to see some dogsled races. I'm not sure when my dad's interest in dog sledding developed, but he's all about it now! I love when his hobbies turn into fun little vacations for us.

We left late Friday night. Niels and I, as the oldest and largest children, had the privilege of sitting in the pilot seats the entire time. The Faj Mahal really outdid himself with bags of Costco goodies, including a 6 pound bag of gummy bears that was gone by Saturday afternoon. I had to provide the cheetos though - the Faj is anti.

The funniest thing that happened while we were driving was when Niels "cleared his throat"/yelled in my dad's ear to cover up a swear word in the song we were listening to. (This happened after I reminded Niels that there was a bad word, and he just said, "I'll take care of it.") My dad exclaimed, "Geez! What're you guys being such idiots for?!?" And Niels said, "Sor-ry! I had to clear my throat!" And my dad said, "Well, why'd you have to do it so loud and right in my ear?!"

I thought it was WAY hilarious.

The dogsled races were fun and cold. We went with some good friends, the Pauls. Ashton is a teeny tiny farm town. It was cute though. I think Niels got bored. And therefore spent lots of time scaring my mom by trying to tip her chair over and tackling Finn into the snow. And also pushing me into the snow. But then I and all the other cold people piled in the mini-van. The Faj and Mike Paul (his friend) kept trying to tell us that we were missing the races. But we weren't. And we didn't feel jipped because we were warm, eating gummy bears and potato chips.

{the races}

{Faj and Lars petting race dogs.}

{Holden and Ruby (friends) and Lars.}

{Niels and Finn jumping in the deep snow.}

{Niels reeking havoc.}

{and some more.}

{Lars and Holden.}

{The Faj cares about Lars the most. That's why he gets the warmest gear.}

{All the men were bearded. Which was awesome. His was the best though.}

I stayed with my old roommate/dear friend, Rachel, and her husband, Rob. While I was there, we watched X-Files, played Rock Band, went out to dinner, and I finished eating a delicious cake Rob had made for a cake contest.

Niels came to dinner with us. Niels is almost 17 and cool, and therefore allowed to hang out with my college-aged friends. The only thing that is no bueno about being friends with Niels is that sometimes he gets grounded. And then has to flake on me.

{Niels was seriously proud of his facial hair "growth".}

Rob and Crachel:

Rob really did enter to get this gun:

So Rob told me that Les Schwab does this promotion everywhere, but I've never seen or heard of it before now:

{You'll probably have to make the picture bigger to see... But kind of funny, right?}


  1. I love you Natalie - your blog just makes me smile :-). Lets go to Israel together and visit Analyn!!

  2. You are so cute, Natalie. And so is your family.