Monday, March 22, 2010

still doesn't have his license. still totally cool.

Niels turned 17!

Two of his besties, Kent and Jae-Ho made him this awesome cake.

I bought him suspenders because I'm the best sister ever.



Ps, The Faj and I were total twins!

And he didn't even want photo documentation, if you couldn't tell. See me using the same tactics you use when you try to get a baby to look at the camera and smile?

Anyway, happy birthday Niels.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I was in Park City with the fam the other day and Finn pointed this out:
on the side of a building on Main Street.

It was super exciting because I totally had the Banksy experience, as in I wasn't expecting to see it at all. I knew that Banksy had put some work up in Utah while he was here, but I thought it had all (??) been taken down.

Anyway, it was especially awesome because it had a plastic covering over it, so hopefully it will stay there forever.

{Lars is even more adorable when he thinks art is cool, right?}