Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank you, Spring.

The other day when I got home, I saw Lars and his friend sitting in the neighbor's tree. It was adorable because they were just sitting there, hanging out. My good friend Andy, who does not have a blog so I can't link over to him, sneakily took this picture:

Well, they weren't just sitting there, they were picking the flowers and drinking the nectar.

Today Niels, Lars and I went to my cousin Kjirsten's surprise birthday picnic. We thought it was at Rock Canyon Park, and then realized it was actually up Rock Canyon. Lars climbed trees while we waited for forever for people to show up, which they didn't.

Once we finally made it to the real party:

Except to eat cake.

Here is cutie birthday girl - she was ill. Sad, but she's still cute and her hair totes rocks. And apparently she got a little hot while hiking and took some of her clothes off. That's one reason I think she is awesome.

PS, other exciting events of this week:
- My car got totally wrecked while my friend was driving it (other person's fault).
- Broken phone.
- Writing long, hard, stressful India paper.
- Frantically shopping for cream-colored cardigans for one of my bestie's weddings.
- Acted as personal assistant to my bestie, Kimi, while she had her bridals taken.

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