Monday, May 24, 2010

I heart Utah & Sunday nights.

The boys and I, plus Kent (our neighborhood bestie), plus Andy went for a Sunday evening walk up the canyon. Niels brought a guitar and played it while he walked and Lars brought a sword.

Lars thinks Kent is hi-larious!

Finn somehow fell off this tree. Awesome!

Niels and Chent.


Me and Andy. We look like we like each other sooo much in this pic!

Sometimes Lars is very sulky. He needs lots and lots of attention. I just love him though!

Hearting Utah.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Snowy soccer

A few weeks ago I had to take Finn to a soccer game. He's on some city league and hates playing because he doesn't "like competitive sports anymore." (Skateboarding is his sole love now.) The Faj Mahal gave us faulty directions and we ended up getting there 45 minutes late. It was snowing and Finn didn't want to play. I told him we'd drive up and at least look and see if they were still playing. Finn didn't want to be seen by his team, just in case I were to not make him go, so he lowered his seat and gave himself a big double chin trying to stay down. (And for some reason, Lars felt the need to scrunch down as well?) I thought they looked funny. And Finn played the rest of the game. Such a champ. And thats all I have to say about that.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Din

Finn started dinner in a chapped mood. He was napping before dinner, and Lars woke him up by "snapping a belt by his ear and throwing a shoe at him." (Lars' own words.) Surprised??

Niels looks so innocent...

but he's totally not.

Remember how "The Simpsons" is such a good influence on Niels?

(pic ref: http://

And yet another reason the Faj Mahal loooves Niels. Would you love it if your child acted like he was going to bite your neck?

The Faj continues to be a domestic god and makes muy delicious and beautiful food.

And I'm on my way to becoming a domestic goddess by making this so rich chocolate pudding. (Recipe here.)

Dinner with my family is the best thing ever. I'm grateful for my mom - she does lots of really nice things for us and puts forth so much effort to be a good person and good mom.

Ps, I love Lars.


This cutie, Celia Jane Schmutz, is on a mission in Argentina and coming home soooo soon!

When she was getting set apart to go on her mission, 2 friends and I were at her family's house with her. After the stake presidency set her apart, they sort of directed her to hug me (since I was the only friend who was a girl there) and her family. I hug Celia all the time, but this time it felt sort of awkward because everyone (aka the stake presidency) was watching us and I knew I was going to be seeing her the next morning anyway so its not like I needed to say bye to her or anything. Anyway, without thinking about it, as I was hugging her, maybe I started rubbing her bum a little bit, because maybe I always touch her bum - totally in a bestie way, nbd. And then I remembered the stake presidency was there and watching. Soooo embarrassing. After the stake presidency left, the boys were like, "Yeah, they should have told you not to hug your girlfriend either!" .

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Whaaat?! So funny.

{Ps, this is a cousin/sibling picture... The awkwardness is happening between cousins...}

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kimi is wed!

Last weekend, one of my besties, Kimberly got married to dreamboat Landon. Ps, I totally facilitated them dating, so I get lots of the credit... I got to be a bride's maid, as part of my reward. I was super excited because I've wanted to be a bride's maid my whole life, seriously.

{Other bestie, Allison, and I as matchy bride's maids.}

Kimi was pretty easy to be a bride's maid for, even though she made me and other bride's maid/bestie, Allison come over at 6:30 am, giving her 3 hours to get ready before she had to leave. Also, maybe I clipped Kimi's toenails while she was standing up, doing her hair. Anything for her!

Kimi and Landon coming out of the Salt Lake temple:

How much do you LOVE her dress?

Also, the dress is so cute from the back.