Sunday, May 9, 2010


This cutie, Celia Jane Schmutz, is on a mission in Argentina and coming home soooo soon!

When she was getting set apart to go on her mission, 2 friends and I were at her family's house with her. After the stake presidency set her apart, they sort of directed her to hug me (since I was the only friend who was a girl there) and her family. I hug Celia all the time, but this time it felt sort of awkward because everyone (aka the stake presidency) was watching us and I knew I was going to be seeing her the next morning anyway so its not like I needed to say bye to her or anything. Anyway, without thinking about it, as I was hugging her, maybe I started rubbing her bum a little bit, because maybe I always touch her bum - totally in a bestie way, nbd. And then I remembered the stake presidency was there and watching. Soooo embarrassing. After the stake presidency left, the boys were like, "Yeah, they should have told you not to hug your girlfriend either!" .