Monday, May 24, 2010

I heart Utah & Sunday nights.

The boys and I, plus Kent (our neighborhood bestie), plus Andy went for a Sunday evening walk up the canyon. Niels brought a guitar and played it while he walked and Lars brought a sword.

Lars thinks Kent is hi-larious!

Finn somehow fell off this tree. Awesome!

Niels and Chent.


Me and Andy. We look like we like each other sooo much in this pic!

Sometimes Lars is very sulky. He needs lots and lots of attention. I just love him though!

Hearting Utah.


  1. What a beautiful Sunday! Can't wait to take a walk with you guys soon :)

  2. You're the cutest thing ever! I love that you're so close to your bros! So do you really like that Andy kid? hey is that the guy you were in the MOMA with the day I saw you?

  3. Haha I said MOMA. Ya I meant MOA. Is he your bf?

  4. Seriously, your family is the coolest!