Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kimi is wed!

Last weekend, one of my besties, Kimberly got married to dreamboat Landon. Ps, I totally facilitated them dating, so I get lots of the credit... I got to be a bride's maid, as part of my reward. I was super excited because I've wanted to be a bride's maid my whole life, seriously.

{Other bestie, Allison, and I as matchy bride's maids.}

Kimi was pretty easy to be a bride's maid for, even though she made me and other bride's maid/bestie, Allison come over at 6:30 am, giving her 3 hours to get ready before she had to leave. Also, maybe I clipped Kimi's toenails while she was standing up, doing her hair. Anything for her!

Kimi and Landon coming out of the Salt Lake temple:

How much do you LOVE her dress?

Also, the dress is so cute from the back.


  1. Oh gosh. Can't stop smiling. Love her and her cute bridesmaids :)