Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Din

Finn started dinner in a chapped mood. He was napping before dinner, and Lars woke him up by "snapping a belt by his ear and throwing a shoe at him." (Lars' own words.) Surprised??

Niels looks so innocent...

but he's totally not.

Remember how "The Simpsons" is such a good influence on Niels?

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And yet another reason the Faj Mahal loooves Niels. Would you love it if your child acted like he was going to bite your neck?

The Faj continues to be a domestic god and makes muy delicious and beautiful food.

And I'm on my way to becoming a domestic goddess by making this so rich chocolate pudding. (Recipe here.)

Dinner with my family is the best thing ever. I'm grateful for my mom - she does lots of really nice things for us and puts forth so much effort to be a good person and good mom.

Ps, I love Lars.


  1. This post is uber funny! I love how I can always picture exactly what's going on and feel "the mood" from your posts. Laughing hard at "snapped a belt in his ear and threw a shoe at him" hahaha.

  2. Oh yeah, do you and your dad want to teach a combined cooking class for me to attend???

  3. That pudding was so amazing!

  4. Amazing food and hilarious family. LOVE YOU!!! Can't wait to rub your bum in front of as many church leaders as I can :)

  5. i'm saying this as not at all a bad thing, i totally love it, but i think there's a general feeling that all of your blog posts end with 'p.s. i love lars,' either stated or unstated, the sentiment remains. :)