Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Botchi Bag

I was talking on the phone to one of my favorite cousins in the whole wide world (who I haven't talked to in forever), when the Faj Mahal told me to hurry up because "I really need your help testing something out." He came again 4 minutes later, so I got off the phone.

I go downstairs and the Faj is holding a little yellow bag. "Say you're out in the wilderness somewhere and you get stranded and its really cold. And say you just pull out your botchi bag..." So then he pulls out this bag and makes me sit underneath the bag with him. Each person sits on the bag so it is stretched around both of you, and it gets extremely hot. And we are never in such close physical proximity to each other. Then he wants to try it out with some poles. (That's when I ran and got my camera really quick because I thought it was a little bit funny.)

Then he gets extremely claustrophobic and struggles to break free. This is him struggling to get loose:

My dad is so great. And he loves his gear so much. Closets and shelves full so much.

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