Thursday, June 10, 2010


So, one of my besties for life, Celia Jane Schmutz, got home from her mission last week. She got even cuter on her mission.

But seriously, she really IS super cute.

See? Cute even when she's still wearing missionary clothes.

I have loved having lots of Schmutz time - especially with the out of town Schmutzes - and it's so nice to have a best friend right down the street.

Clark and Kent try on belts from Argentina. So hot.

Clark singing to Celia about how kissing is no longer a sin for her and how she should totally kiss boys.

And just because she's smaller than me, she thinks she can pose in a girly way by wrapping her arm around my stomach, making me look manly. Awesome. I love it so much.

Kewl teens. (Especially Kent and Niels.)

Aren't Chent and the bf-ster so cute? I heart Andy's beard so much. He's so manly.


  1. I wonder who took these amazing pictures??!!

    Love you- great post :))

  2. Oh, yes, ALL picture credit goes to Margaret Maurice - sars, forgot to mention that!

  3. You and Celia are adorable!

    p.s. We need to hang out someday soon.