Friday, July 30, 2010

Recent Events

We tried a delicious ice cream place my friend told me about called La Michoacana in Provo. They have flavors like dulche de leche, guava, and pine nut, in addition to regular flavors.

lars and andy

Niels got a mullet! I'm totally supportive.

Playing the game of "things" with these besties.

Lars (and all my brothers) get really excited when Allison comes over. I thought it was precious because Lars ran in and gave Allison a big hug.

Lars is totally attached to me and Andy. The other day, Andy and I were in the hammock and, per usual, Lars runs out with us. We're nice and let him sit with us even though 3 people is too many and too sweaty. When I went inside to get something, Lars was in my place when I got back and wouldn't move. I said, "Well, I guess I'll just hang out inside until you're done." Lars ran inside crying (didn't even mean to make him cry!) and when I went to talk to him, he just said, "You always do this!" I said, "Do what?" He said, "You don't let me sit by Andy!" I tried to explain that I like to be by Andy when he comes over since I don't get to see him all the time and teary Lars said, "I like him too, you know."

Poor cute Lars.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

One reason Niels is funny.

Niels solution to stop Kai from taking his clothes?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

family grocery shopping and road trippin'

The night before we headed home from Denver we went to the grocery store to get food for the car ride. The Faj Mahal was on a quest to buy healthy. Niels and Andy secretly put about 30 rolls of cookie dough in the cart and my dad was frantically shoveling them out of the cart and back onto the shelves. That really got us going into grabby, beggy mode.

Niels desperately wanted chips and the Faj refused to buy them. (Do you see how they're wrestling the bag of chips?) Lars grabbed for everything in sight.

So Niels bought his own chips and announced that no one better ask if they can eat any, because he would definitely not be sharing.

This is the Faj Mahal telling me, "You'd better not put any of these pictures on facebook."

The next day in the car, Niels started eating his chips and again announced that he wouldn't share with anyone. Then he decided to share with everyone EXCEPT my dad. My dad said, "Good! I don't want those filthy things anyway!" Then Niels felt bad and said, "No, I"m just kidding, Dad. You can have some." My dad grumpily insisted he didn't want any. Niels said, "That's it!", undid his seat belt and climbed to the front of the car and while my dad was driving, tried to put chips in his mouth and also kissed his cheek.

He acted chapped but we all know he secretly looooved it, even though it was dangerous.

On the car ride to Denver, I did most of the driving and played parent, since my dad flew in later to meet us. All of the sudden, Lars would burst into tears exclaiming that Niels or Finn hit him. I would then get after Niels or Finn and they would tell me how annoying Lars was being. On the way home, I sat by Lars most of the time and now I totally understand. He would hit the car window with a nickel. I would tell him to stop. Then he would hit the window with his bouncy ball. I would tell him to stop. Then he would hit it with his fist. Poor little bored guy - he was so annoying. But I still love him.

And Niels took winner pictures while in the car. Including my sweaty calves and weirdie face Finn.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Denver, Colorado

My family (plus Andy) went to Denver for my Mortensen grandparents' sixtieth wedding anniversary. Kind of a big deal.

We love going to the Denver Art Museum (or DAM as Niels calls it, because poor little Lars is extremely sensitive and Niels moves him close to tears by often and unnecessarily saying "dam" and similar words.)

Andy and I. Andy is a GEM because he always holds my purses. And it doesn't even threaten his masculinity at all.

Cute boys.

The DAM group. (Cousin Dillon, Niels, Mom, Finn, Lars.)

In the contemporary art section, Lars came up to me and whispered very quietly, "I feel uncomfortable." I did a great job of steering him away from all the nudie statues.

Please enlarge this picture to look at Lars. I love his picture poses. So awesome and weird.

Family-ness. We had an anniversary party on Friday and a BBQ in the park on Saturday. It was great to see family (almost every member was there!) but nothing particularly blog-worthy.

The grandparents.

One of my bestie cousins, who just returned from his mission. I was punching him because he was telling me I looked extremely white. Which I don't mind, but he was saying it in a negative way.

Uncle Marlo and cousin Tristan; cousins Isaac, Marina, and Caitlin with cutie puppy.

Day trip to Boulder, a cutie mountain city close to Denver.

Lars was freaking out in the candy shop. Yanking my shirt saying, "Natalie! Natalie! Natalie! Remember these hamburger gummies?!" And asking if he could buy EVERYTHING.

Lars' candy of choice? Liquified warheads. Love his cutie sour faces.

Glacier ice cream.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

the 4th

The fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Provo is so great, but it is especially great during the 4th.

Cousins playing basketball.

Girl cousins - Charity, Kjirsten, Zoe, me.

Zoe looks like a creepy dinosaur!

Zoe and Sophie take a gross mouth picture. I could never be a dentist because mouths are usually very gross.

But Zoe really is sooo cute!

I LOVE this baby. (My cousin, Ian.)

Lydia and Niels.


Revis, me, Finn, Harrison

Other 4th of July fun-ness:

- There was definitely 2 poo spots on my bathroom rug after everyone left. Love having lots of little kids running around the house!

- While we were watching fireworks, sprinklers went off in the park. Watching people scurry away from the water and the man who tried to stop the sprinkler with his foot was a little hilar.

- Cousin Zoe slept over with me and hilariously told me stories of things that have made her "want to hurl."

And I got to see my dear friends Rob and Rachel Grimmer. Rachel was my freshman year roommate. And Rachel's having a baby! Wahoo!

And I went to the Freedom Festival with one of my dear high school friends, Coryn Cope and ate delicious twisted 'taters. (I wish it was named something else...)

Such a mountain man...

And on his way to this, as soon as he graduates...

(Just kidding, Andy.)

*Photo courtesy of google image search for Sam Bean.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Finn's Summer Non-Romance

(Underwater picture of Finn from last summer.)

One time, a week ago, Finn and I plus tons of besties went swimming together. As Finn (who is 13) was trying to dunk me, this little girl (age 10 or so) came up to me and said, pointing to Finn, "Can I dunk him?" I said, "Sure, you can do whatever you want..." So she kind of chased him around the pool for a second and then swam away. Andy and I thought it was super funny, especially since Finn was so uncomfortable, but we let it drop. Then, out of no where, this girl comes back up to Finn. She wraps her arms around his neck and starts pushing/shoving his head underwater. Finn let himself go under very easily and said in a very non-enthusiastic voice, "Oh, you got me..." Then she swam away again. A couple minutes later she comes back to me and asks again, "Can I dunk him?" Again I say, "Sure, you can do whatever you want." She then began chasing him around the pool again, trying to dunk him. At one point maybe she was holding onto his shoulders and pushing on his chest with her feet. Awesome. I almost died of laughter. This pool chasing continued for about 4 minutes.

Then she left him alone for good. And we all made "Finn's girlfriend" jokes the rest of the day. We thought it was hilarious and we thought we were super funny, but Finn was totally uncomfortable and not amused.

Later we were telling my parents what happened, and chapped-hide Finn said, "Yeah and this all could have been avoided if Natalie had just said to the girl, 'Actually, I don't think he would like that very much...'"

It was SO WORTH having Finn be a little chapped at me and it was definitely the hardest I laughed in the whole month of June. I wish you all could have witnessed it, especially all of you who I have already told this story to and didn't even laugh very hard. I'm telling you - it was funny.

Teenage awkwardness is SO much better in swim suits!