Sunday, July 4, 2010

the 4th

The fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Provo is so great, but it is especially great during the 4th.

Cousins playing basketball.

Girl cousins - Charity, Kjirsten, Zoe, me.

Zoe looks like a creepy dinosaur!

Zoe and Sophie take a gross mouth picture. I could never be a dentist because mouths are usually very gross.

But Zoe really is sooo cute!

I LOVE this baby. (My cousin, Ian.)

Lydia and Niels.


Revis, me, Finn, Harrison

Other 4th of July fun-ness:

- There was definitely 2 poo spots on my bathroom rug after everyone left. Love having lots of little kids running around the house!

- While we were watching fireworks, sprinklers went off in the park. Watching people scurry away from the water and the man who tried to stop the sprinkler with his foot was a little hilar.

- Cousin Zoe slept over with me and hilariously told me stories of things that have made her "want to hurl."

And I got to see my dear friends Rob and Rachel Grimmer. Rachel was my freshman year roommate. And Rachel's having a baby! Wahoo!

And I went to the Freedom Festival with one of my dear high school friends, Coryn Cope and ate delicious twisted 'taters. (I wish it was named something else...)


  1. Great pictures as always!!! Happy 4th!!! Love you- xoxo

  2. All of your outfits are so cute!!

  3. Freedom Fest. was so fun and the twisty 'taters were so delicious.