Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Denver, Colorado

My family (plus Andy) went to Denver for my Mortensen grandparents' sixtieth wedding anniversary. Kind of a big deal.

We love going to the Denver Art Museum (or DAM as Niels calls it, because poor little Lars is extremely sensitive and Niels moves him close to tears by often and unnecessarily saying "dam" and similar words.)

Andy and I. Andy is a GEM because he always holds my purses. And it doesn't even threaten his masculinity at all.

Cute boys.

The DAM group. (Cousin Dillon, Niels, Mom, Finn, Lars.)

In the contemporary art section, Lars came up to me and whispered very quietly, "I feel uncomfortable." I did a great job of steering him away from all the nudie statues.

Please enlarge this picture to look at Lars. I love his picture poses. So awesome and weird.

Family-ness. We had an anniversary party on Friday and a BBQ in the park on Saturday. It was great to see family (almost every member was there!) but nothing particularly blog-worthy.

The grandparents.

One of my bestie cousins, who just returned from his mission. I was punching him because he was telling me I looked extremely white. Which I don't mind, but he was saying it in a negative way.

Uncle Marlo and cousin Tristan; cousins Isaac, Marina, and Caitlin with cutie puppy.

Day trip to Boulder, a cutie mountain city close to Denver.

Lars was freaking out in the candy shop. Yanking my shirt saying, "Natalie! Natalie! Natalie! Remember these hamburger gummies?!" And asking if he could buy EVERYTHING.

Lars' candy of choice? Liquified warheads. Love his cutie sour faces.

Glacier ice cream.


  1. What a fun family trip. Great job with the pictures, Nat. Yes, I DO love all the poses that Lars strikes. Great cardboard cutout of the grandparents on their wedding day! Are you grandparents still living or was it just a celebration of what would have been their 60th? Hugs!

  2. You recognize that you and andy are pretty much the best looking couple on the face of this earth right?? Holy models! Anyway, love all the pics, love you, and you are totally beautiful!

  3. jel. looks way fun. you and andy are too cute.

  4. You are adorable. I think those hamburger gummies are so gross but good at the same time. That's all. Oh and your man and you look super cute.