Thursday, July 15, 2010

family grocery shopping and road trippin'

The night before we headed home from Denver we went to the grocery store to get food for the car ride. The Faj Mahal was on a quest to buy healthy. Niels and Andy secretly put about 30 rolls of cookie dough in the cart and my dad was frantically shoveling them out of the cart and back onto the shelves. That really got us going into grabby, beggy mode.

Niels desperately wanted chips and the Faj refused to buy them. (Do you see how they're wrestling the bag of chips?) Lars grabbed for everything in sight.

So Niels bought his own chips and announced that no one better ask if they can eat any, because he would definitely not be sharing.

This is the Faj Mahal telling me, "You'd better not put any of these pictures on facebook."

The next day in the car, Niels started eating his chips and again announced that he wouldn't share with anyone. Then he decided to share with everyone EXCEPT my dad. My dad said, "Good! I don't want those filthy things anyway!" Then Niels felt bad and said, "No, I"m just kidding, Dad. You can have some." My dad grumpily insisted he didn't want any. Niels said, "That's it!", undid his seat belt and climbed to the front of the car and while my dad was driving, tried to put chips in his mouth and also kissed his cheek.

He acted chapped but we all know he secretly looooved it, even though it was dangerous.

On the car ride to Denver, I did most of the driving and played parent, since my dad flew in later to meet us. All of the sudden, Lars would burst into tears exclaiming that Niels or Finn hit him. I would then get after Niels or Finn and they would tell me how annoying Lars was being. On the way home, I sat by Lars most of the time and now I totally understand. He would hit the car window with a nickel. I would tell him to stop. Then he would hit the window with his bouncy ball. I would tell him to stop. Then he would hit it with his fist. Poor little bored guy - he was so annoying. But I still love him.

And Niels took winner pictures while in the car. Including my sweaty calves and weirdie face Finn.

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  1. i just love this. it reminds me of some other family i know too well. i want to see you soon!