Friday, July 2, 2010

Finn's Summer Non-Romance

(Underwater picture of Finn from last summer.)

One time, a week ago, Finn and I plus tons of besties went swimming together. As Finn (who is 13) was trying to dunk me, this little girl (age 10 or so) came up to me and said, pointing to Finn, "Can I dunk him?" I said, "Sure, you can do whatever you want..." So she kind of chased him around the pool for a second and then swam away. Andy and I thought it was super funny, especially since Finn was so uncomfortable, but we let it drop. Then, out of no where, this girl comes back up to Finn. She wraps her arms around his neck and starts pushing/shoving his head underwater. Finn let himself go under very easily and said in a very non-enthusiastic voice, "Oh, you got me..." Then she swam away again. A couple minutes later she comes back to me and asks again, "Can I dunk him?" Again I say, "Sure, you can do whatever you want." She then began chasing him around the pool again, trying to dunk him. At one point maybe she was holding onto his shoulders and pushing on his chest with her feet. Awesome. I almost died of laughter. This pool chasing continued for about 4 minutes.

Then she left him alone for good. And we all made "Finn's girlfriend" jokes the rest of the day. We thought it was hilarious and we thought we were super funny, but Finn was totally uncomfortable and not amused.

Later we were telling my parents what happened, and chapped-hide Finn said, "Yeah and this all could have been avoided if Natalie had just said to the girl, 'Actually, I don't think he would like that very much...'"

It was SO WORTH having Finn be a little chapped at me and it was definitely the hardest I laughed in the whole month of June. I wish you all could have witnessed it, especially all of you who I have already told this story to and didn't even laugh very hard. I'm telling you - it was funny.

Teenage awkwardness is SO much better in swim suits!

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