Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bear Lakin'

Bear Lake facts and highlights:

Lots of girls!

1. This was my first time ever going to Bear Lake. I went with some dear friends from my home ward and I LOVED hanging out with them. They fed me delicious vegetarian food and cooked my garden burgers for me.

2. My thighs got sunburned. Boo.

Cheryl thought it was so crazy that I was eating ruffles while wearing a ruffly swim suit, so she wanted to document it.

3. Lindsee's board shorts caught on fire while they were hanging to dry. (Hilarious! Lindsee was CHAPPED.)

Megan, Jessica, Alyssa, Lindsee

Lindsee, Alyssa, Camla

4. Water sports made me so sore, it hurt to crank my steering wheel and raise my arm.


5. Went to Laketown's rodeo. (Poor little calves! I secretly love when the animals get away...)



6. I made it from Bear Lake to Provo all by myself, without even using the GPS!

7. It was my first time having trailers while camping. Loved that during the storm!

Cam buried in sand. And cutie Reese!

8. Slept in a tent with 6 others girls between the ages of 13 and 17. I felt old and boring since I actually wanted to fall asleep and not stay up forever chatting. Also heard lots of, "My friend, who by the way has THE hottest brother..."

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  1. Your swimsuit is so beautiful! Where is it from?