Saturday, September 25, 2010

And another bestie is wed!

Allison got married on Friday morning. She looked so beautiful and I couldn't stop staring at her dress. So. Pretty. The entire day was so great. I love being able to hang out with best friends all day, especially for something as awesome as a wedding. Did I mention that all my closest friends have gotten or are getting married this year? Crazy!

Beautiful Allison.

Bride and Groom.

All the bride's maids. Allison's friend, Amy on the far left.

Allison and Kimi and I.

Niels. Total gem. Came up with me all day.

Cutie Kimi and Landon.

Lunch break with Kimi, Landon, and Niels at Red Iguana. Have you been?! It's sooo good.

Niels and I shopped all afternoon (having a brother who loves to shop is the BEST) and went to get boba drinks for a little pre-reception dinner.

Kimi and I and our MOA bestie, Ashley.

MOA besties.

MOA besties, again. This is why I always have to look cute when I go to work - do you see how cute they all are?! Adorable.

I looove Kimi so much and I loved hanging out with her all day. Wish we could hang out all day, every day!

I cannot even express how much I love Allison and how grateful I am for her and her stellar example in my life. She is so uplifting, gracious, and constantly kind, sensitive, and supportive to me. I'm so happy that she married such an awesome man.


  1. What a gorgeous wedding dress!!! And I LOVE The red iguana, too. Their mole sauce is amazing. PS you look beautiful as always. . . LOVE YOU! xoxo

  2. Natalie, I love you so so much and was so incredibly happy you were there. Thanks for the post, bestie:))

  3. Oh gosh, why did I just get teary eyed when reading this and looking at the pics? Seriously, the MOA is a magical place.

    So sad I missed the other MOA besties. Loved this post.