Sunday, September 12, 2010

Preparing for Kayla withdrawl...

Kayla, (one of my dearest cousins) and I took a quickie pre-school trip to visit our dear friend, Amy, who we went to China with on study abroad in 2005. I wanted to stock up on Kayla time before she leaves on her mish. (I'm starting to feel dumb about shortening words. I never have felt dumb about it before, even when I lived with roommates who made a collective goal, including me, to stop shortening words. Growing up?) And thank you to my dear friend, Alicia, who gave us delightful and delicious San Diego recommendations.

Kayla at Pokez - delicious vegetarian Mexican food.

This is what I would look like if I were made into a bobble head.... on my birthday! I turned 22. Kayla took really good care of me and bought me food and made me be the driver, even though I didn't want to. She's the best!

Amy's tiny girl Casey. Pretzel bagel. So salty and so divine.

Beach shops.

Me on the beach. (Amy taught Kayla and I how to surf. Except I stayed on my stomach the whole time. But Kayla got to her knees! She's so great.)

Kayla didn't like documenting things as much as me.

My favorite drinks in ChinerTown.

Amy and Casey.

The only picture we have of the three of us, taken when Amy was dropping us off at the airport.

Other highlights:
- Long conversations with Amy and Chris (her husband).
- Casey calling us her "lady friends."
- Sleeping in the same bed as Kayla, as we did for months in China. Even though she falls asleep really quickly, so no late night convos there.
- Thrift store shopping.
- Finding a store where everything is $5.99 or less, just like my favorite Susie's Deals in Provo!
- Eating delicious food.


  1. I love the picture of kayla with the giant looking french toast! You guys are so cool.

  2. What a fun trip and wonderful pictures! You are beautiful! Best wishes for sweet Kayla on her mission ;)

  3. i especially love the hideous picture of me and the mexican food. thanks nad! your the best!! JK, but truly you are. and sorry i made you drive. i was sure i would get in an accident if i did. You're the best ever!!

  4. I think I was implied in this post. And I thought it was our collective goal as roommates to shorten and combine as many words a possible, while adding as many inventive suffixes on the end as we could. Am I remembering this wrong?