Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My fam dam.

Lars: age 9. Cries if you say "damn" or "sex" in front of him. (Just as it should be!) NIELS.{PS: Want to hear a funny story? The other day, Niels, the Faj, and I were in my bedroom talking. Lars comes in with a little piece of paper, and hands it to my dad saying, "Here, Dad, I wrote my poem." My dad reads it and it is really good - too good. So my dad says, "Lars, did you write this?" Lars: "Yeah!" Dad: "Oh, did you like get the idea from another book or something?" Lars: "No! I wrote it myself!" {Starts crying and runs out of the room.} Niels and I are cracking up, and we all run upstairs after him. He's in his bedroom, with the poem shredded to pieces in his garbage can and he's saying, "Fine! I copied it out of a book because writing a poem is too hard!" The next morning, as Lars and I were getting ready for school, he said to me, "Well, it's like, my teacher never said we couldn't copy a poem. He just said to write one. Ya know what I mean?" Yep, Lars, I totally get it.}

Finn: age 13. Obsessed with skate boarding. Still hugs me and tells me he loves me. Recently wrote an autobiography for school, in which he described Kai as having gages and a chipped tooth, and then wrote that Kai and I look the same. Thanks, Finn. Also wrote that his father is a slightly balding man, who is going through his mid-life crisis. Hah!

Niels: age 17. Always yells the word "damn" to make Lars cry. {example: "I just want some DAMN lemonade!" Very rude.) Niels always redeems himself when he does something rude by hugging and kissing the person, practically forcing them to love him. He really is great though. And hilarious.

Kai: age 19. Has gages. Could be my twin. Miss him tons because he's grown up and busy with friends - you know how that goes. I can't even judge - I'm a little too attached. It's embarrassing sometimes.

Me: age 22. Can't make decisions.

And some more family pictures taken a couple weeks ago at Squaw Peak by the awesome Trevor Christensen. (All photographs by Trevor Christensen.)


  1. Wow- the individual shots are amazing. I love your honest and loving description of each person in the fam. You are gorgeous, lady! PS is that the same great sweater that Celia used in her engagements? LOVE YOU!

  2. Natalie, you look adorable and that story of Lars is hilarious!

  3. A few things:

    1. I laughed out loud.
    2. The pictures in this post are amazing! Your friend Trevor is very talented.
    3. Your family is so awesome.
    4. It was so great to see you the other night! I wish we could hang out so much more before I leave.

  4. I LOVED this post. Natalie, you are a gem.

  5. I like the thing about Neils forcing you to love him. That's sort of what family is like.

    Thanks for posting a link.

  6. Love!!! You have an awesome family!

  7. Ditto to what everyone else has said . . . Natalie, you have no idea what a precious soul you are my friend. I loved the updated pics of your family and hearing your unique and lovely voice through your writing.

    Miss you tons - our family is growing up much too fast these days - you'll get a kick out of seeing Ryan's Homecoming dance pictures on our blog!!