Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Antelope Island Excursion

Last weekend, Trevor, Bruce, Andy, and I went to Antelope Island. It was super delightful. Sometimes it stunk like something bad - I can't remember what we decided it smelled like. Andy said it smelled like salted diapers, which was probably mostly true.

We trekked across rocks, like true explorers. []


Me and Andy-pants. []


Trevor. Posed.

Fake buffalo.

Real buffalo.

Bruce waited in the car while Trevor, Andy, and I started to walk a little bit closer to a buffalo. Park rangers kindly reprimanded us, and Bruce stayed in the car, worrying that he would possibly have to bail us out of jail. (Just one reason Bruce is so awesome - he was thinking about that.)

Brue and Andy, engrossed in the film shown at the gift shop. Trevor and I looked at the stuffed animals and postcards. Sometimes we could hear Andy and Bruce start laughing really hard. We wondered what was so funny. They never explained it very well.

A farm on Antelope Island.

Marshy Utah.

Epic clouds.

Beautiful Utah.

And, at about dusk, we ran out of things to do...

Then we went to dinner at Chipotle with more friends, and listened to a voice recording Trevor made when he was, like ten. He hated it and we all loved it.


  1. Ew, that place is the smelliest abomination! Or at least the drive there is. Barf. Glad you had fun!

  2. SUCH adorable faces in the pic called "Me and Andy-pants". (Aren't you an English major? Grammar?) But the one right underneath it is awesome. Love it, Trevor.

    Also, why aren't I ever invited on these excursions, huh?

  3. Antelope Island? I've heard that the Knats are bad. Also, I love Chipotle!