Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm always the bride's maid and it's my favorite duty.

This is my third time being a bride's maid this year. You know what they say... Anyway, it was an honor to be a bride's maid for Celia.

Sometimes Celia and I accidentally touch each others' bums.

Photo courtesy of Margaret Maurice.

Love them.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Harry Potter #7, Part I - awesome, right? Lars and I thought so. Lars assured me that he covered his eyes during "that one part." Which is good, or else it would have ruined the whole movie for him. Fun fact: Lars doesn't know how babies are fed. (He's ten.) When I tried to explain by saying, "Well, it might sound a little weird, but..." Lars quickly cut me off and refuses to listen to anyone who tries to bring it up. Awesome.

Anyway, Lars loves Harry Potter and I when I walked into the kitchen while he was doing dishes, he had a chopstick out and was dance/fighting all over the room with it. Adorable.

(These pictures are not from that specific instance - I'm not that good of a blogger.)


We were supposed to go to Denver for Thanksgiving (how much would you have loved to see more of this? 'Cause I sure would've loved to share!), but unfortunately, due to icy Colorado mountain roads, we had a super small Thanksgiving at my house.

My cousin Jeshua - also my most intelligent cousin. (Sorry, Addison.)

Cute thanksgiving boys.

I love this picture because my dad started off on the bottom (and the only one on the couch) and somehow got pushed up by Niels and Finn. He has so much fun with his kids! You can see it on his face.

And lastly, bridal shower for Celia. Everything was almost a disaster (crumbly tarts, a dip that turned into baby food, not enough bread), but thankfully dear friends saved the day. (Shout out to Andy, Kimi, and Ami.)

Another fun fact: tonight I saw Amelia (far right) while she was on a date. (A first date.) And during the two minutes I was chatting with her and her date, I definitely brought up marriage, indirectly, and babies.

And some buffalo from Antelope Island. This happened a while ago, but aren't they so cool and pretty?