Monday, January 31, 2011

I accidentally gave Lars a dumb-kid haircut.

I trimmed Lars' hair on Friday evening, and this is what accidentally happened:

(He didn't think it was very funny.)

While I was cutting, he wasn't wearing his glasses, so he couldn't really see his head. As soon as I realized how short and crooked I cut his bangs, I tried to hurriedly fix it before he noticed. Unfortunately, he sprang to the mirror before I could stop him and his face looked shocked and confused as he said, "Now I look like one of those dumb haircut kids!" And "It looks like I have a mushroom head!" & "Why did you make the sides so pouffy?! Can you make them flatter??"

So then my dad had to give him a buzz. Just in time for this balmy winter weather.


  1. Oh my gosh. Those pictures are the funniest ever. What a good sport.

  2. Ha ha ha. Natalie, how did that even happen?

  3. i am crying!!!! natalie!!! you are so hilarious!!!!

  4. Natalie, I am dying right now! You have no idea how hilarious this was to me! And not to mention the last two posts. I've never been so entertained! Sometimes I'm really jealous that you have such a fabulous little brother.

  5. Poor Lars. He is still breathtakingly adorable, "dumb kid haircut" and all. I love your blog.