Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I know I always post about family dinners. And I totally know that they are not very exciting or fun to read about, but you know, I'm short on blogging material. Niels is currently obsessed with photographing our dinners, so that he can present "Matthew's Meals" on his blog. So, I have some good examples of Sunday night's dinner (which was just as exciting in real life as it is in these pictures.)

No pictures of Finn's face.

Pre-prayer family laugh. Crowded table + "ungrateful children" (according to the Faj Mahal, due to us complaining about the crowded-ness of the table) + Grumpy dad (due to ungrateful children and crowded table) = uncontrollable laughter right before the prayer. Never mind that we had company. The pray-er included vocalizing appreciation for our "cheerful family," equaling more laughter. I actually think this photo might have been taken during the prayer. Niels.

This is an example of how crowded our dinner table was. If you wanted someone to pass the sour cream, then you would have to exchange it for the guacamole so everything could still fit on the table.

Aunt Bonnie, me, cousin Addison.

My cousin Addison and I. Does anyone else feel super weird when pictures of you and your same-age cousin look couple-ish? But this is NOTHIN' compared to this. (Still funny, right?)

Guacamole never looked so good, right?

PS, sorry for the horrible photo quality. I guess this is what the "food" setting on cameras looks like.


  1. girl I love your posts about family dinners. They are never boring and always funny. PS. I love that you are gazing at cousin. familial love?

  2. Also love the family dinner posts. They always also look very delicious.

  3. i love any posts and updates from you. and the cousin thing is something i have pondered before... it's uncomfortable!! alanadawn.blogspot.com

  4. Ha! Natalie, I love your blog. Your family seems like so much fun! I want to be in it.

  5. Did you know that everytime I see (on google reader) that you've posted a new blog post I get super excited. They always make me laugh - ALWAYS - and I can totally and completely hear you saying what you write. I'm glad you write exactly how you talk. LOVE you!