Saturday, March 19, 2011

Niels, 18.

On Niels' birthday, I made him hang out with my friends! Best sister ever. Just kidding, it was his idea to hang out with the Jones {Kimi and Landon.} Who wouldn't though? Coolest people ever.

Kimi {super pregnant!}, Landon, and Kent.

So Kent, Niels, and I drove up to Salt Lake. Went to the Gateway for an hour. I complained to Niels about being bored in Urban Outfitters, and made him run back to the car while I was buying pants so that we wouldn't get a parking ticket for going over our time. Best sister ever! {It's not like it was his birthday or anything.}

Then we met up at Hatch Family Chocolatiers with the Jones. Divine hot chocolate. Also, ice cream. Super rich. Thank you, Allison for the delicious recommendation. {You were very missed.}

Landon and Kent.

I was so flustered, trying to figure out which was my cuter side. {Guys, it was really hard - messy hair on one side and a cold sore on the other.}

But, blurry pictures make both sides equally good! Especially when I'm not even facing the camera.

Landon = ultimate creeper, as he back-huggingly tries to accentuate Kimi's pregnantness.

Niels, Kimi, Kent, Landon.

So, while all this fun was going on, Kent had taken my phone and was texting Celia {his sister/my best friend}. I didn't know who he was texting, but I assumed it was probably Celia and so I didn't even think about it. So it wasn't until much later that I realized that this was what was being said:

Kent: Hey sil sars I can't hang tonight - I'm hanging out with a previously married man.
Celia: What!? Who?
Kent: Oh his name is Drew, you wouldn't know him. He's like 30, but looks like 20. Twenty! He's cute. I'll send you a picture after he falls asleep.
Celia: Ha he what? I'm so confused. Why will he fall asleep?
Kent: We're having a co-ed sleepover at seven peaks. We're watching night at the museum 2 now. Then there's the big pillow fight.
Celia: Risky! Don't do the dirty...
Kent: I don't know Celia, I'm kinda feeling it. Anyways I will pencil you in soon. Are you open in late April.

after a couple minutes...

Celia: Is this really Natalie?
Kent: Just kidding Celia it's Kent. I stole Natalie's phone.
Celia: Idiot. I knew it wasn't Natalie. Wanna go to dinner with us?

{Still squirming thinking about how long Celia believed it was really me.}


  1. What! Kimi is having a baby??

  2. YOu're funny. You do not have a bad side! HOt ChocoLATE sounds yum!

  3. Great. My only birthday post on your entire blog is dominated by a) people cooler than me: Kimi and Landon
    and b) someone funnier than me: Kent.

    My life sucks. I mean, it's not like it was MY birthday or anything.

  4. Hahaha. What a charmed life you lead, full of bitter younger brothers, cold sores, false accusations against your honor, and yummy hot chocolate. Happy birthday, Niels! Your dad emailed us your Bob Dylan song and I thought it was awesome.