Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here are seven million reasons why I fell in love with Boston:

Adorable houses.

Beautiful buildings.

Brick sidewalks, ah, dying of the cuteness!

Cannoli - pant breathin' just thinking about these! Another thing I will eternally crave.

Inside the Boston Public Library, Kristin's favorite place in Boston.

Outside the library.

Boston, as seen from the library.

Me, modeling our Boston Cream pie. (Eaten mere hours after cannolis and the richest seafood macaroni and cheese. Needless to say, we felt like we were going to puke, but since I had such a limited amount of time in Boston, we had to get the pie right then and there. Still delish.)

Us in front of a huge picture of Boston cream pie.

Beautiful churches.

Brick buildings covered with moss.

Beautiful parks!

park monument

Seriously, how did it even get so pretty??

Another charming old bookstore.

In love!

RE-ENACTMENTS!! My new favorite thing, although they have the potential to make me as uncomfortable as flash mobs.

Brick roads - even more charming than brick sidewalks!

Inside the Paul Revere church.

Heart her!

Us looking pained, for some reason. I think the people taking our picture were making un-funny jokes.

Other reasons that are not pictured: french fries and mussels at a delicious seafood restaurant, Kristin's charming house in Arlington, H&M, Walden Pond (and swimming in Walden Pond).

Don't you want to go?! I'm already scheming about how I can move there as soon as possible. Which, even though I say that anytime I visit anywhere, I'm for real this time.

Monday, May 30, 2011

NYC: Day 2

So, the night we spent in New York, Courtney and I shared this little single cot and one blanket. But I slept so great, because I was so exhausted. So great, that apparently in the middle of the night, Courtney tells me I stretched my arms, knocked over a glass, which shattered onto the floor and I didn't stir at all. Guys! I normally wake up at any little sound! All the girls woke up, and Courtney tried to wake me up to tell me what happened, but I was having some deep REM's.

Us in Central Park. (Don't mind my gigantic hair scarf.)

On Sunday, (our day 2 in NY), we walked around the city, and wandered through Central Park, coming upon a Japanese festival and enchanting music street performers. We found a bench in the park and talked forever and ate chocolate that Meghan had brought specially from Chicago.

chocolate bars

We wandered around and saw this gem:

and went into St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Courtney and Meghan's bus back to DC picked up by Times Square and since we couldn't stop thinking about the pizza we ate the night before, we went back to get some. And document the deliciousness.

Me and Kristin.

Kristin, Courtney, and Meghan.

All of us, just loving our pizza.

And then we saw: (!!)

Robin Williams, coming out of a theater, so we had to run over to snap a few, India style.

Then, we said goodbye to each other (sad!) and Kristin and I ran over to Chinertown to catch the Fung Wa bus back to Boston.

View of NY and cemetery from the Fung Wa.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

New York: Day 1

Over the weekend, Courtney and Meghan and I took a bus from DC to New York City (after some extreme-stress-ticket-confusion, and Courtney almost not being able to get on the bus, the bus attendant came up to us and told us we could hurry and get on the bus, just like it was a little secret). Kristin (our other India friend) met us in NY from Boston. Our bus dropped us off in Times Square, and we met Kristin in Chinatown where the Fung Wa bus had dropped her off. It was so great to all be together. My whole time in DC, I couldn't really update Courtney and Meghan on anything exciting, (which, honestly wasn't that much, anyway) because we had to wait to be with Kristin. So, once we were together we spent all day talking and updating each other. And, gah! They are all doing the coolest things. Coolest people ever, seriously.

On the train, I was sitting by an awesome lady who told me tons of cool things to do over the weekend. Following her recommendations, we first went to Brooklyn where we went to Almondine Bakery and Jacques Torres Chocolate where we had the most delicious frozen spicy hot chocolate. Gah, also eternally craving that. One thing I love about India friends is that they will search and walk until we find delicious food, even if we're starving. It's the best. I ate sooo much divine food on this trip.

Me and Courtney.

All of us, just looking so fresh after our super early bus rides.

Meghan and Courtney.

Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn street

buildings in Brooklyn

After sitting on a bench looking out to the bridge and skyline and talking for a long time, it started to rain. We all hurried to a store awning and waited underneath it until the rain subsided a bit. Then we walked through Brooklyn some more and then made our way to Greenwich Village and Strand Bookstore.

My view whenever I sat down on my duffel, since I can't handle standing in place for more then 4 seconds. (Oh, ps, we had to carry our luggage around on this trip. Carrying 2 shoulder bags around NYC = so delightful. Great planning on my part, per usual.)

Raspberry chocolate hazelnut cheesecake in Times Square. Duh. Thank you Courtney for craving it.

Times Square.

All of us in Times Square. (Oh, also, rompers are really great, but just keep in mind that it's like wearing a one-piece swim suit, except more difficult. So it might not be the best idea to wear a shirt, belt, aaand blazer over it.)